2 Nov 2016


2 Nov 2016 – hookup post – NSFW.

So, I met up with a guy on Grindr at like 11:30pm. I’ve met him before and I wasn’t so sure about how I felt about him. When I first chatted with him but I was horny, so I was like let’s go do this thing! We met in the nearby park (like less than 5 minutes away). I arrived first and I decided to admire the stars in the sky so I sat down in a nearby bench. Turns out the water sprinklers had just finished so I had a wet experience (lol).

He walks up and we exchange pleasantries while we wait for a nearby party disperse. And that’s when I feel his hand leading my own hand to his dick.

(Quick tidbit sur moi: I still feel super uncomfortable about using the words – dick, cock, penis, the D, in spoken or written language. I’m like why do these English words feel so taboo? Even in a Quebecois accent, these words feel weird.)

ANYWAYS, I fondle him for a while and during this time I begin to nervously explain the possible creation of von Neumann Machines. I’m like nice move, right? But he seems genuinely interested so I continue to explain the ideas while he moans in the dark. After a while, I do get to my knees and begin my duties. He admires my technique so I’m a bit flustered so I tell him that practice makes perfect. I’m like where is this coming from? This goes on for another five minutes until more and more people begin to start driving around (who drives around at this time?) so we decide to postpone the fun until it’s less active.

My thoughts about this hookup: I’m not sure how to feel about it. I have two outlooks on sex. Either it’s meaningless hookup or it’s more an emotionally invested sex (which I have never experienced). I personally only crave the “idea” of sex but not the actual “act” of any sexual acts. He’s a nice guy but that was a hookup. I’m not sure if I want to keep seeing him or not. But I’ll let you know what’s up.


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